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Great Giveaway At this awesome blog

There is a great give away at this new blog I just found tonight. I just was following links from other blogs I visit. Check it out

Just Nan "Boo!" Over the Top Tin Finish

I just finished this "Boo!" From Just Nan's last years Over the Top series. I am now going on to stitch the Needlebook that goes with it. I dont know why I havent stitched these earlier they are really a nice quick stitch and pretty easy to finish. I might be saying that too soon since I dont have the Needlebook done yet.

Finally a few days without rain. I was getting so tired of rain. I thought I would have to stitch a Ark if it didnt stop. HA 


Just Nan's "BOO!"
30ct Weeks Dye Works
DMC Threads

I really do mean to post more often , but something always gets in the way or I forget and time flies by. I have a few finishes. The first is something I stitched in 2006 can you believe that all I had to do was put 1/2 of it together which I waited to do until today. I had a lot on my mind so thought I would do something to keep me busy and something that needed alot of attention. So here it is. I need more practice on finishing but doesnt look too bad

Judy O'dell "Work Station" Class Project

My progress on Country Cottage needlworks "Sweet Treats"

And a UFO I finished "A Rose in the Garden" by Country Cottage Needleworks

Monday Finish

Today started off bad , Major Migraine got sick like 4 times and went right back to bed to sleep it off as best I could. Still feeling pretty sick, its been awhile since Ive had a migraine this bad. So I decided I was going to try and ignore the left overs from it and stitch on my Shepherds Bush "My Sister My Friend" I had started Saturday.

A Few Finishes

Its very late but i wanted to finish this chart by Helga Mandl. I think its pretty funny. Ive had these thoughts before...LOL

Lizzie Kate's "Daughters"

New Pet